Medication Waste Return

Our Pharmacy in Vantaa Accepts Medication Waste

Return expired or unused medications to our staff.

If you have expired, unused medications, or used syringes, you can return them to us free of charge. We will properly dispose of the medications at Fortum's waste treatment facility.

You can help reduce medication waste right from the start of your treatment by buying a small package. This way, not only your medications but also your money won’t go to waste if the medication is not suitable for you or if the treatment changes.

How to return medication waste

  • Remove the medication waste’s outer packaging and put the cardboard box in the cardboard recycling. Remove the prescription medication’s instruction label before recycling.
  • There’s no need to push tablets or capsules out of their foil strips; you can return the strips as they are. You can also return medication creams in their original packaging.
  • Return medications containing iodine and bromine, mercury thermometers, and cytostatics in their original packaging, separate from other medication waste.
  • Pack syringes and needles in a puncture-resistant container, such as a plastic bottle.
  • Dietary supplements, cosmetics, basic ointments, and natural products can be placed in the regular mixed waste.

Thank you for returning expired medications to us and reducing environmental impact. If you have any questions about returning medication waste, we are happy to help. Visit us at our pharmacy in Kivistö, Vantaa or call!

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