Medication Dose Dispensing

Automated Medication Dose Dispensing from Our Pharmacy in Vantaa

Dose dispensing ensures safe and timely medication intake.

Automated medication dose dispensing is an excellent option for individuals who need continuous medication and use multiple different drugs simultaneously.

In the dose dispensing service, a machine takes care of collecting and hygienically packing the medications into individual dose pouches, marked with the date and time when the dose should be taken. Medications are delivered in two-week batches, which saves money as the customer only pays for the medications dispensed.

Before starting dose dispensing, we conduct a medication therapy assessment to ensure that all the medications a customer uses are compatible with each other. This helps to avoid potential medication-related issues.

If you are unable to pick up your medications yourself, you can ask another person to act on your behalf, or order home delivery to the greater Kivistö area in Vantaa. Come visit us or call, we are happy to tell you more about our dose dispensing service.


Check the Availability of Your Medication with the Medication Search Service

Kivistö Pharmacy is part of the Medication Search service, where you can check the stock status of the medication you need at our pharmacy or another pharmacy. The service also provides information on the medication's substitutability, among other details.

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