Medication Advice

Medication Advice at Our Pharmacy in Vantaa

We guide you in the correct, safe use of medications.

Are you starting a new prescription medication treatment or buying over-the-counter medications, and want to ensure that the medications are suitable for you and you know how to take them correctly? Our medication advice is here to help, ensuring you know everything necessary for the safe implementation of your medication treatment.

Our skilled staff also provide guidance on medication storage and offer information on potential drug interactions. If you are using multiple different medications, medication dose dispensing might also be a useful service for you.

We are happy to tell you more, so please come and visit. We assist with all medication matters and questions with friendly service. Our pharmacy in Vantaa's Kivistö is open every day.


Check the Availability of Your Medication with the Medication Search Service

Kivistö Pharmacy is part of the Medication Search service, where you can check the stock status of the medication you need at our pharmacy or another pharmacy. The service also provides information on the medication's substitutability, among other details.

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