Pharmacy on the Move

We are Your Local Pharmacy on the Move in Vantaa

Come get excellent advice on the effects of exercise on health and well-being.

Kivistö Pharmacy is part of the Finnish Pharmacy on the Move chain. This means we have trained our staff to provide important, reliable information on how you can enhance your well-being through exercise. Our advice is tailored to each customer's unique health condition and interest in exercise.

Some of the Pharmacy on the Move services we offer include:

Information on the role of exercise in the treatment and prevention of diseases, such as cardiovascular, musculoskeletal disorders, and others. Exercise also aids in managing stress and improving sleep quality, among other physical and mental health issues.

Details about local exercise and lifestyle groups that might be just right for you. We also support the initiation of a more active daily routine.

Products suitable for exercisers from beginners to advanced, including free resources on health-oriented exercise and weight management.

And much more, come visit us, and we’ll provide further information!

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